Rehearsals: October 2020

We held our first a trial rehearsal on 6th October (for strings) and it was a success! We’re now making plans for the second trial rehearsal on 13th October (for strings and wind).

These rehearsals are taking place at City Church, 12-16 Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD. There is limited parking on the church premises and this is reserved for those with larger instruments or limited mobility. Everyone else needs to find alternative nearby parking.

Strict rules are in place for the safety of participants:

  • A risk assessment and safe operating procedure (SOP) have been prepared by the CCSO committee. Members are expected to have read both documents carefully before coming to rehearsals. The risk assessment informs members of actions taken by the committee to ensure (as far as possible) the safety of participants. The SOP lists actions that directly affect players. These documents have also been circulated by email.
  • A seating plan will be circulated by email prior to each rehearsal. This must be adhered to and so it’s important to check your email. 

Please check back regularly for updates and if you have any concerns please get in touch with one of the committee. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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