The City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra (CCSO) performs six concerts a year at the University Concert Hall in West Road, Cambridge and is conducted by Musical Director, Robert Hodge.

CCSO’s 2015/16 season brings new repertoire to our audiences as well as providing the opportunity to hear some well-known, previously performed works. We hope every one of them will give you as much enjoyment as we in the orchestra gain from playing the works. To view our 2015/16 season brochure click here.

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Next Concert

14 May 2016, 7:30 pm

Concert Poster Piano Concerto No. 3: Bartók
Symphony No. 5: Mahler
Soloist: Erdem Misirlioglu (piano)
Conductor: Robert Hodge
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About CCSO

The City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra started life in 1973 as the Harston String Orchestra. Later, as a result of a change in venue, it became the Barton String Orchestra. In 2000 Leon Lovett took over as conductor and shortly afterwards, the orchestra changed its name to the Cambridge String Players. Under his baton, the orchestra has appeared regularly in West Road Concert Hall and in other venues around Cambridge. In addition to playing works for strings, the orchestra increasingly invited wind players to join it to perform works from the symphonic repertoire. Recognising this change of emphasis, the musicians decided that the orchestra needed a new name and in September 2008, it became the City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra. In February 2012 Robert Hodge became CCSO's new conductor.

Comments from recent audience members include: "the concert was fabulous… many thanks for the wonderful music", "the concert was absolutely brilliant" and "we greatly enjoyed the whole concert last evening ... how very impressive and masterly were the CCSO." In May 2015 Robert Arnold, a member of the CCSO Friends Scheme said ‘Thank you for yet another excellent concert last night.   I really thought I knew The Planets suite but the clarity and passion revealed much that I hadn't previously appreciated! Indeed this sort of thing has been a feature of the concerts throughout." In May 2014, Mike Levy, Local Secrets, said "the orchestra rose to the occasion with some outstanding playing in the woodwinds and strings.” In November 2014, Sally Palmer, Membership and Projects Coordinator, Making Music said "I enjoyed the concert on Saturday, thank you, it was fantastic. For 'In Search of Strategy' the collaboration with Lesley Fotherby was mesmerising, I've not experienced anything like that before and it was brilliant!”